The Top 5 Book Publishing Companies of

These days, there are almost as many different self publishing companies to choose from as books in a library. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little, but really, which self publishing company do you choose? Out of all the companies competing for your attention, which is best for you?
To help you find the best book publisher for your book, we've reviewed numerous book publishing companies, so you don't have to! Our expert editorial staff ranked and evaluated their features, services and products to bring you our list of the top 5 book publishing companies. We invite you to read more about how we rated the top publishers below according to price, customer service, features and overall experience.
RANKBook PublisherPRICEFast PublishingFEATURESReliability
Book QualityMORE INFO
30 Days
National & International Distribution
ISBN: Free
CreateSpace Review
$699 Print-On-Demand
Distribution: National
ISBN: Included
97 9
Outskirts Review


National & International Distribution
ISBN: Included

95 10
iUniverse Review
$749 Print-On-Demand
Distribution: National
ISBN: Included
90 9
AuthorHouse Review
$749 No Print-On-Demand
Distribution: National
ISBN: Included
Xlibris Review

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How to Choose the Best Book Publishing Company


Items to Consider When Choosing a Self Publishing Company

  1. Reviews and reputation among other writers
  2. Upfront publishing fees
  3. Royalty payment structure and when you get paid
  4. Author's cost to purchase additional books for resell
  5. Contract terms (i.e. do you keep all rights to your cover and interior, copyright, etc.)
  6. Cost of any additional services (cover design, editing, marketing)
  7. ISBN number and barcode included
  8. Listing on and other online retailers



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